Hunan Hecheng Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. is located at Longhui Industrial Zong, Shaoyang, Hunan Province of China. The area is about 43 thousand sqm with the fixed asset 45 million RMB and about 200 staff.  It also has certain investment in Shanghai and Chengdu and in commercial banks. The close cooperation links to relevant research institutes in Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu and Dalian. The company obtained ISO 9001∶2000 authentication of quality control system in 2001.
Since established in 1998, the company is honored to be “High-Tech Introducing Fund Entity of First Band in Hunan Province, “ Advanced Entity on Innovation of Shaoyang, Hunan Province” and “ AAA Credit Entity of Shaoyang” etc. The company focuses on development and production in fine chemical, photochemical, specialty chemistry----pharmaceutical chemical, cyanide, phosgene chemicals, additives on polymerization and photoinitiators.

Contact Us

Factory address: Southeast Industrial Park, Longhui County, Hunan Province
Tel: +86-731-4740055
E-mail: [email protected]
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